Welcome to Target

Target is a digital marketing agency in Penzance, Cornwall; specialising in web design, social media, SEO & PPC, email marketing, digital strategy and brand development. We collaborate with progressive brands, like yours, to digitally disrupt the market place and ultimately, drive sales and revenue for your business through the limitless possibilities of the digital sphere. In fact, we’re so confident that we can demonstrably accelerate your business’s performance that we’ll even guarantee results – you won’t pay a penny until we reach or exceed our agreed KPIs.

Social Media & Digital Marketing Agency Cornwall

  Our journey started less than a year ago, when we opened the door at our office in Cornwall. Two people with nothing more than a burning belief in our vision for a strategy first, ideas hungry digital agency built for the connected age. Six months down the track, people started to take notice. Our team grew and so did our portfolio. We’re now honoured to be one of the South West’s fastest growing agencies; collaborating with award-winning clients in London, New York & Düsseldorf, as well as progressive brands here in Cornwall - or ‘home’ as we’re proud to call it. As your collaborative partner, we work relentlessly to deliver ROI focussed campaigns and online experiences. We believe that the world’s best campaigns are driven by a single, bold creative idea and the vehicle for success is integration - multiple platforms working harmoniously to deliver a concise message.

Your digital marketing agency with a difference

Target is a next generation digital marketing agency in Cornwall. Built off the back of a frustration at traditional agencies trying to dabble in online marketing. We're here to build the brands of tomorrow by digitally disrupting industries with carefully considered strategy and jaw-dropping creativity,  delivered to hyper-targeted audiences. Ensuring that we squeeze every last drop of ROI from your brand's budget.  Our fizzing team of old buggers and young turks bring fresh ideas, ahead of the curve thinking and unparalleled strategic planning to all of our design, social media, pay-per-click, SEO and content marketing campaigns, as well as the technically robust UX-led websites that we craft. 

An integrated digital strategy is the foundation

Our team understands that investing more time in strategy and research creates a unique competitive advantage, unearthing opportunities that, otherwise, might have gone unnoticed. An integrated digital strategy takes your brand's strengths and competencies, aligns them - then amplifies them.  We identify ready-to-buy audiences as well as others that need nurturing; before building a roadmap to deliver your brand message in a way that makes people sit up and take notice. We know that we are the best digital agency Cornwall has to offer. If you want to explore that for yourself; drop us a line and tee up a coffee with one of the team today.

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