Automate your way to maximum ROI and budget efficiency with Google Ads scripts

What are Google Ads scripts?

In the busy and increasingly expensive world of performance marketing, Google Ads scripts provides a solution to programmatically control your brand’s Google Ads data by entering relatively simple JavaScript code in your account. 

You can use scripts to automate repetitive admin procedures or interact with external data to improve your PPC performance. 

Everything from automating reports to making identical changes across multiple campaigns; or even changing your bidding strategy based on third-party data, such as the weather forecast in a particular area. An especially exciting opportunity for tourism brands and outdoor attractions in Cornwall.


What can you automate with Google Ads scripts?

Almost anything that you can imagine. Here are some of our team’s favourite uses: 

  • Synchronise your bidding with your TV advertising schedule
  • Weather-based campaign management 
  • Enable notifications for broken URLs
  • Automate a 24-hour bidding schedule and override Google’s daily bidding restrictions
  • Resolve negative keyword conflicts
  • Pull in data from third-party tools (e.g. Salesforce)
  • Pause underperforming campaigns (e.g. high conversion value and low CTR, or keywords with low quality score)


How can you get started with Google Ads scripts today?

You can find the scripts section in Google Ads by visiting the ‘Bulk Operations’ column under ‘Tools & Settings’ in the mega menu in your account. 

This will take you to a page containing the field where you can input and execute your coded Google Ads script.

While it is fairly straight-forward to create your own if you are comfortable with JavaScript, there are already an abundance of ready-made examples in Google Ads documentation for common tasks to set you on your way to automated scripting glory.

Search Engine Land also plays home to plenty of articles and example scripts to help you maximise your Google Ads ROI.


Seeking support from the pros?

Our search marketing team at Target uses scripts all the time to help maximise the PPC performance of our clients.

Why? Because we know that combining the best human talent with cutting-edge technology is what powers business building results.

Find how we can support your brand with a complimentary PPC account audit and free proposal by getting in touch, here.

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